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How do I get information about my deceased sister's condo?

Imagine you're serving as the executor of your deceased sister's estate. Your sister owned a condo in a neighboring city and for you to carry out your executorship duties, you need to get information about the unit from the condo manager. What information will you need to present to prove your status as executor?

When the owner of a condo passes away, and no trust agreement controls the condo, the potential heirs of the condo will have to start a probate estate. Through the probate process, the deceased person's assets -- including the condo -- will be transferred according to the will or governing laws.

Provided that you have been named the executor of the estate recognized by the probate court, you can request the required information about your sister's condo. To confirm your status as executor to the condo manager, you will need your letters of office, which identify you as executor. By showing the letters of office and death certificate pertaining to your loved one, you should be able to obtain all the information you require.

Sometimes, executors or family members of the deceased simply attempt to show a copy of the death certificate. However, if the condo board is doing its job, it will not provide confidential information to anyone except the executor who can show proper letters of office.

Are you serving as the executor of an estate? This process can be time-consuming and complicated, but with the assistance of a knowledgeable probate and estate administration lawyer, you can navigate your executorship duties with ease.


Source: Chicago Tribune, "Are relatives automatically entitled to details about a deceased owner's condo?," Howard Dakoff, Oct. 04, 2017

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