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Undue Influence and Capacity Issues

Chicago Undue Influence Attorneys

Disputes involving undue influence or lack of capacity and an estate administration document can often become quite heated and very emotional. From the people making the allegations to the parties defending the contents, you should seek out the help of an experienced estate and probate litigation attorney who can help you defend your position.

Located in Park Ridge, Illinois, John J. Pembroke & Associates, LLC is prepared to help you settle any undue influence or incapacity issues that you are facing when trying to determine how to settle an estate or honor a loved one's wishes when he or she cannot articulate them. If you are facing this type of situation, contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about your rights, options and our services.

It is not uncommon for an undue influence claim to arise when one party is claiming that the deceased or incapacitated individual and a will or other document seems to state terms that are contrary to the long-standing ideas that other parties had expressed about the wishes of the party who can no longer articulate them. If the details drastically change at the last minute, people may want to know why and if a third-party involvement may have exerted undue influence over someone not capable of voicing dissent.

Our Chicago undue influence lawyers can help investigate whether any wrongdoing has occurred and can bring it to the court's attention on behalf of an interested party, if undue influence has in fact occurred. Sometimes, the court will set aside the document in question and use the last version of the document that was executed by the deceased or incapacitated party.

Park Ridge Capacity Issue Lawyers

If a will, trust or power of attorney was not executed when someone was not in his or her right mind, a claim that the deceased lacked the capacity to make competent decision can be made and, therefore, the changes should not be acknowledged. Whether you are making this claim or you are the one being accused of exerting influence or facilitating the changes to documents for someone who does not have the capacity to consent for the changes, we can help you assert your position.

For more information, we invite you to contact John J. Pembroke & Associates, LLC today to schedule a consultation by calling 847-696-0060.

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