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How do I get information about my deceased sister's condo?

Imagine you're serving as the executor of your deceased sister's estate. Your sister owned a condo in a neighboring city and for you to carry out your executorship duties, you need to get information about the unit from the condo manager. What information will you need to present to prove your status as executor?

Man facing estate litigation after selling photography negatives

A beneficiary of a famous Illinois woman's estate is facing legal charges after he allegedly sold negatives of the woman's high-value street photographs without court approval. The man is reportedly taking a stand against the public entity that is overseeing the estate litigation, saying that a government entity should not be in charge of her stunning collection of photographs. This is just the latest legal speed bump to be hit by the woman's estate representatives after she reportedly died nearly penniless in 2009.

Probate litigation rends high-value Midwestern estate

A highly regarded Midwestern political influencer's estate is currently contested, as the woman's daughter argues that her brothers "sabotaged" her inheritance. In a probate litigation suit filed against her family members in Illinois' neighboring state of Missouri, the daughter claims that her brothers coerced her mother into signing a document to reduce her inheritance amount. The documents demand that all legal bills related to certain types of litigation be paid by the younger woman's share of the estate.

Learning how probate litigation works with wills

Is it possible for you to challenge a will? Trying to work through probate litigation is a challenging situation, largely because wills are seen as the "voice" of the testator, or person who has died. The will "speaks" for the decedent, so most courts in Illinois and other states tend to hold the will and other estate documents in high regard. Here are a few tips if you decide that you think it is appropriate to challenge an estate plan.

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